What are the stages of how to seo ?

1) to learn about the aims and demands:

Learn and make a note of requests on this subject, talk to a good contact. We always try for the purpose of SEO outsourcer. Sometimes people do not know SEO to be misleading. Targets established by the minds of the customer’s words and not really a need. For example, “pet” call 1 an online shop that sells pet supplies instead of going for the “pet supplies” call 1 exit may be more important.

2) Describe what you can.

Only instead of organic SEO (PPC or adwords) Tell seosundan. Always Deliver 2 choices. One of the other natural seo artificial. There are both advantages disadvantages.

3) Collect information from the Internet.

Calls directed to gather information, measure the current competition.
4) Decide on a good domain name.

Sometimes SEO is so bad that the name of the desired site may be considered a new domain name registration başlanmak. Especially in a highly competitive and the quality of sektörse domain name is much more to the fore.

5) Stable (Stable and fast broadband that) and work with a hosting company, run it.

Sometimes, seo, bad experiences with the contaminated host. Large projects for at least a VPS or dedicated environment to carry seolarını persuade.

6) Provide the maximum level to obtain the static and the original content.

Content is king, we understand this, we know. However, by providing seo job information may be incomplete in that direction.

7) The original design and use a script.

Es exceed the quality and continuity of the available software in the name of this stage at least once a check, the problem is. Do not make a seo company that uses the script itself is illegal.

Technical details of some of the other

8) To prepare the Robots.txt. (In accordance with the definition of Seo)
9) Sitemap prepare.
10) to introduce part of the robots.txt and sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools.
11) Enter the Google webmaster tools to make the necessary settings and controls. (See definitely see how the site to google)
12) Google analytics code, or add a counter and track visitors.
13) To carry out studies in site performance, h1, h2, div tags, control, içlink external link counts, page color, if necessary, correct, amend, a contact page to set up, do surveys. Visitors leave satisfied, and all of them collect information from visitors to the new page is to make internal and external regulations.
14) Competitor sites to examine, understand and acquire links from quality directories, including dmoz.org first to add our site.
15) Regularly check and report on the results that you obtained.
16) Keep track of developments.

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