Using Social Media to Improve your CTR Seo

Social media, search engines results pages, there is no doubt that a direct effect on rankings. However, the process of SEO factors which most affect the need to learn social media.

To date, based on responses from Google, on the role of social media SEO’daki have identified three general steps. By following the three steps below, we will talk about your site’s SEO process is an effective way of using social media, patrons can rank position.


“Beğen’ler, +1′ s, social links” are signals that affect their use by search engines. Establishing relations with the authorities to focus on his own authority as well as other sites. However, Facebook “like” s, Twitter “tweet” and the Google + ‘s “+1” s existing social signals, such as has some serious weaknesses.

First of all, cheating can be done about them. Social signals Some sites can send to their website for a small fee. If you belirlenseydi SERP rankings according to the highest social signals, with the largest budget for social impact would take first place in the sites.

Also, people do not represent all of these social signals. For example, a study in the United States, half of the people was a member of Facebook, only 4.8% of active users.

Despite these limitations, that social signals can not be denied an important role in SERP rankings. Bing also said that Google and in December 2010. Bing and look at the comments from Google:

Bing: “A look at the user’s social authority. How many people that follow you, how many people you’re looking to follow the list and it affects regular search results. ”

Google: “Yes, we perceive the signal as tweets and social shares. The organic rank is used as a signal. To see how many people share the content of these signals are also important. ”

Briefly, SEO is very important in terms of social signals, but Twitter, Facebook, Google + data is not always clear in this regard.

Looking at how to develop in the presence of the social networking site that affects SEO’sunu, increasing the total number of shares of the picture is only part of the social. In fact, your brand to produce and use the power of social networking to increase otoritenizi, to take advantage of this type of community-based sites more useful.

Promote your site using a variety of social networking sites or blog sites do and try to improve your site’s users.
AUTHORITY users to communicate

Finally, a definite social media in your industry in terms of consolidating the authority of the importance of your brand, while the most powerful way to use SEO in terms of other social network is to communicate with people who have authority.

You to contact your industry’s leading names in social networking sites offer unexpected opportunities. For years, social networking sites as soon as agonizing perform edinemeyeceğiniz relations.

It adds great value to your business value of these relationships as well as personal development, you can add value in terms of SEO will be unquestionable worth. Even people who have authority to share this content on your site will lead to a conclusion too big for you. Search engines will also notice that the positive influence you in this powerful SEO will return as a reference.

Especially people who have authority in your industry to set up these links, you will get to interact with them in the future return will be huge. Bilmeyeniniz how important it is not the factor SEO Link. Links in your industry to be very effective especially when the names would be a great contribution you what is indisputable.

As a result, it is undeniable that the impact of social media SEO tried to explain the most important third step. Intertwined with each other all the SEO strategies also play a major role in the social media element.

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