To Download Maps for Google Maps

As a result of the changing needs of the developing technology and map applications capabilities is now playing a key role in our lives is increasing every day dahaetkin. Yazılımlarınen known in some important tasks such as driving directions, particularly of course, Google Maps.

Serving for a long time with each passing günyenilerken map database software on the other hand continuing to try to improve. In explaining the authorities to start the service busefer olarak3-dimensional imaging of very good news arrived.

Accordingly, no longer able to use any map of the region indiripçevrimdışı all the details. So therefore you do not need to access internetbağlantısına.

Android smartphone operating system uses only the first stage and will be valid tablets innovation, specify location completely tarayarakverileri downloading to your phone. The application “My Places” stored maps also listed sekmesindenerişilebilecek innovation.

Thus, your local internet connection in the event of failure or out of 3G coverage area, the company is actually willing to continue to service the long-awaited innovation-made​​-albeit late. Moreover, a few months before Google updates Android software platform, users of this move of your hearts together-with-his priority was able to play one more time.

For now, the “offline maps” descriptive of the net for a release date is expected to release Google recently updated.

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