Social Media What is not?

In this paper a false perspective, especially the users of social media as a result of the wrong we want to draw attention to his errors. Thus we want to prevent the errors in your or your company.
Social Media What is not?

Social media is not just a billboard to be used for marketing.
Social media is just not used to be known.
Power is vested in social media, you do not please them, can not provide your name or your company benefit from social media.
Social media, what people say, fling to the winds, and sometimes may even lead to larger communities to attack you.
So social media is not a place to survive in corporate policies are Marxist.
Social media is not only an area of ​​your güçlenebileceğiniz. You looked at 100 to 1 in an unexpected exit from the workforce you do not have a firm, a corporate social media, you can become more substantial.
Social media is not only benefits the environment to gain from an existing. A sharing environment. You do not provide anything of value, are deprived of the advantages.
Social media is not a place of traditional business models will reach success. Social media, artistic, creative and original place to be.

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