Social Media, Journalism Affect?

Facebook and Twitter entered our lives have changed, however, since the dynamics of our daily lives. “Who is doing what where?”, “What important events today?”, “What’s going on in the agenda?” We have come to learn on the spot with social media, such as answers to the questions.

Importance of this degree in the field of social media communication, the agenda and many events in the world first learned through Twitter, through Facebook columnists often read writings, such as sharing of news channels and journalists also affected developments. For years, the only news source, followed by all of TRT main news bulletin of a household who came together in our country today, many things have changed mediums to receive information. Of course, with these changes, “the institution of a journalist trying to share an opinion on the effects of social media?”, “Does the institution have the right to intervene in these shares?” Came up to such questions.

I did research before starting to write this article, I saw that opposing ideas on the subject. A number of social media accounts by journalists, they are bound not to leave the institution should be used in difficult situations, be considered as an independent institution, defending a journalist, a section within the framework of freedom of expression should be a journalist’s right to freely use their social media accounts, the audit mechanism sagging social media, newspapers says there is a good sign. While all of these discussions, the giants of the world’s press in recent months the BBC, Washington Post, Sky News, imposed restrictions on the employees of The New York Times on this issue. Here are the multipliers that the restrictions:

Working on the BBC journalists, sharing news on Twitter before a new development or office colleagues in a recent report. Intended here, before all the developments on Twitter to drop their news systems.

The Washington Post, its employees, content sharing in social media, the newspaper’s political, racial, sexist or religious neutrality to adversely affect warned to be careful when sharing.

Prohibit employees of a different limits Sky News. Journalists working here, people outside the company structure, and competing companies not share their colleagues submissions.

In The New York Times writers through social media, good or bad about politicians not allowed to carry any share.

The increasing power of social media, media consumption is shifting to digital conversion suffered, directly or indirectly affect journalists. In the following days, the growing power of social media will bring together journalism, we’ll see how and how much limitation.

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