Seo Lies and Facts

SEO is a very popular within the industry despite the lies, unfortunately, contains too much. Lying to customers to employees to take work, but a substantial proportion of those who work honestly in this area are available. Let’s take a look at these lies about SEO web surfer:

Lie: the number, the location of a day to day, anyone who guarantees us the money. Some even can not guarantee first place SEO specialist SEO companies are not really tell. To accomplish this, enter the data of Google organic search or Google AdWords, they must be in contact.

Fact: As a customer of an SEO, you can force those who have this guarantee. Give them to find a high or moderate competitive keywords.

Not saying that it was impossible to sit first place, but this is not something that can occur within a week or month. Perhaps it can do a very long time and working process. Use common sense, the most important keywords on Google search, your competitors, see what is the state, determine that total, how many opponents and analyze how many years they were in this sector. Such basic information will assist you in determining your timeline.

SEO firm to work with “white hat SEO” techniques to make sure it uses. Key words stack not do Because or the Google quality guidelines and that there are acts which are contrary.

Note: there is too much competition in a weak keywords, can be obtained as soon as the first. However, many such cases at this time is an exception.

2. Lie: SEO consists of the number of links. 10.000 a night can get a link. Give us a link and traffic flow have much money to be higher now.

Fact: The host link directories link to get the software or build their own firms, which are serverlarındaki. Link them to the problem than the amount of link quality. To make a small site with large, on average, between 20-50 months, you want to draw conclusions based quality links.

3. Lie: Give us the money now, your competitors on your site, let’s change the contents of interest.

Fact: this is not true, Google and other search engines are smart enough to detect non-specific contents. Enter in style according to your own content. Do not copy the same sources of different formats. Enter the best ingredients than your opponent. If your audience happy, and will be happy with the search engines.

4. Lie: Some web design and development firms, like other SEO firms and SEO every month they do not build a link to the job they say they will not demand money. Links in this order is not very important. Only keywords are important and we also add keywords to your site. Needed a little time and little money for SEO.

Fact: Off-page optimization (link building) is also at least ten-page optimization (site and keywords) as important. The most important components of quality links, SEO keywords your site is non-SEO firms, but because of incomplete information about it misleads customers. For this reason, SEO is a SEO company Get help in real affairs.

5. Lie: always attract customers, will offer a money back. Some SEO companies say they will give their money back if customers can not obtain the result.

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