WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress is a value for the optimization of gold with the other article, the Google Sitemaps Generator for WordPress to create a site map and Google map of this site is ready to send the öğrenmiştik.Bu article, I use their vehicle, what can we do a little bit, we’ll show him.
– Title (Title) must be different on each page
What does that mean? Oluyo This means that the headline is not the same on every page. For example, the home page title is “SEO Coach,” you write the article page (single.php, page.php) the title “Teacher of SEO” is. “Your article title – Seo Teacher” is a title and a more effective search engine you will prevent the lower ranks to kick.

– Be sure to include text labels
Yes, most of what I’ve seen blog and blog writer active in a font tag, set it aside to add even eklemiyorlar label.

– More and add unnecessary text label
Another thing that I observed in the addition of too much and unnecessary tags. Leave the top position in search engines by adding more tags are sliding out the bottom of the rankings.

– Each article, enter the text labels in different
Be careful not to enter the tags that you entered the previous paper. Already entered in a previous article, the label will be added to the site map. One more thing to add do not benefit. So I often use different labels.

– Specify the text labels on every page
To enter the text labels on each page, specify that you add. For example, the labels of some of the blogs show on every page. On the main page and just added the title of the article writes history, the article shows that single page of the labels. This is a misconception. All blog pages, including text labels shown on the main page.

– Add categories and categories of text on each page to specify the
Please write directly to the “General” category do not referring. Add to your blog is about 5 minutes, separated by categories and these categories are relevant to your site by writing articles about; add text on each page, specify the category.

– 404 page redirect to your homepage
Most search engines, especially Google, including 404 errors benimsemez. Kodlarınızla 404 page or home page or home page, map illustration.

– Link exchange do
Other blogs do link exchange. Pages of your site information so that other blogs indekslendiğinden be detected by Google. So you typed the names of other blogs link to your site will increase the possibility.

Add your company in Google Contacts

Google’s new service, called Google Local Business Center Google Contacts service girdi.Eskiden service is no longer the identity of the Google Contacts service değiştirdi.Bu website services to local businesses to take a part in whether or not to google sağlıyor.Bu system work in sync with Google Maps.

Yapıyor.Buyüzden millions of people search Google Maps every day, even if your business website to register for the Google Contacts, you can choose from 5 categories of benefits in addition sağlar.İşletmeniz company name, phone, address, photos, information such as opening times girmenizede allows.
LBC overview U.S. company Google Add to Contacts
When Adding Google Contacts, your company;

Note that when entering careful not to enter your address information incorrectly.
According to the criteria, you must enter the correct and complete when you add your phone number.
You must type the correct payment options.

If you do not pay attention to these items entering the complete information of your customers do the job wrong yönlendirebilirsiniz.Ayrıca phone contacts, record the approval of the most important reason for the google phone for voice calls made ​​gelicektir password method.

What is Seo Consulting?

SEO as an industry is growing increasingly important today. Owes its success and growth of qualified SEO consultants. The main aim of SEO or search engine optimization is a more effective use of the Internet. SEO is not something to learn and be taught korkuclacak issue.

In brief seo seo consulting firms to transfer knowledge and experiences and, if requested to do some improvement work.
A good SEO consultant will follow its own in the latest updates. Fine have references. Do not will not keep promises. SEO consulting is available, however, as bad as all the other specialties. Yet the industry is a new and frequently updated certification and otoriteleşmesi incomplete.

For example, in 2005 with seo consulting seo consultancy of 2011 is different. In this process, facebook, twitter and many web 2.0 seo field have been included in the item.

SEO consultant to do the first issue. Information resources to identify and track them firmly. These sources are official announcements of the search engines for the area, letters and görsellerdir çıkardıkları trusted sites. To understand what is unreliable, reliable, what you do not need a graduate of Harvard. You can determine for yourself the reliability of a human approach.

Another issue is the choice of the customer. Good SEO consultants prefer to work with clients informed is easier for them because the agreement.

There are some signs that determine seo consultant. For example, Google adwords certification, web sites, whether it has programming knowledge, tecrübesel age in that area, observation skills and the availability of other, as with everything and not have some virtues. Work discipline, hard work, communication skills and so on.

Seo consultant to be a matter of a process. Just wait for the time, such as a piece of fruit ripening. Webmaster site is probably the most information in the most orderly manner sitelerdendir hosts. Taking advantage of one of us to become a good SEO consultant can achieve many benefits.

What are the stages of how to seo ?

1) to learn about the aims and demands:

Learn and make a note of requests on this subject, talk to a good contact. We always try for the purpose of SEO outsourcer. Sometimes people do not know SEO to be misleading. Targets established by the minds of the customer’s words and not really a need. For example, “pet” call 1 an online shop that sells pet supplies instead of going for the “pet supplies” call 1 exit may be more important.

2) Describe what you can.

Only instead of organic SEO (PPC or adwords) Tell seosundan. Always Deliver 2 choices. One of the other natural seo artificial. There are both advantages disadvantages.

3) Collect information from the Internet.

Calls directed to gather information, measure the current competition.
4) Decide on a good domain name.

Sometimes SEO is so bad that the name of the desired site may be considered a new domain name registration başlanmak. Especially in a highly competitive and the quality of sektörse domain name is much more to the fore.

5) Stable (Stable and fast broadband that) and work with a hosting company, run it.

Sometimes, seo, bad experiences with the contaminated host. Large projects for at least a VPS or dedicated environment to carry seolarını persuade.

6) Provide the maximum level to obtain the static and the original content.

Content is king, we understand this, we know. However, by providing seo job information may be incomplete in that direction.

7) The original design and use a script.

Es exceed the quality and continuity of the available software in the name of this stage at least once a check, the problem is. Do not make a seo company that uses the script itself is illegal.

Technical details of some of the other

8) To prepare the Robots.txt. (In accordance with the definition of Seo)
9) Sitemap prepare.
10) to introduce part of the robots.txt and sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools.
11) Enter the Google webmaster tools to make the necessary settings and controls. (See definitely see how the site to google)
12) Google analytics code, or add a counter and track visitors.
13) To carry out studies in site performance, h1, h2, div tags, control, içlink external link counts, page color, if necessary, correct, amend, a contact page to set up, do surveys. Visitors leave satisfied, and all of them collect information from visitors to the new page is to make internal and external regulations.
14) Competitor sites to examine, understand and acquire links from quality directories, including dmoz.org first to add our site.
15) Regularly check and report on the results that you obtained.
16) Keep track of developments.

Israel Arabs hacker shock!

Group-XP claimed alliance with the Saudi’s and the Anonymous hacker group, Israel’s leading sports sites One.co.il ‘i hack’leyerek captured data. Personal information of 400,000 people, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers and credit card information söylüyorlor seized …

But the Israeli Bank Hapoalim bank, said in a statement, the attack is much lower this number of people affected by the current card numbers around 14,000, he said. Been done in some card information stolen from the internet shopping has been detected, but the bank says that this amount is very small, other users can not take responsibility of all the cards have been canceled, and the purchases announced.

Group, “What is fun for us? 400,000 people in front of banks to collect and monitor them to complain about playing this card. 400,000 Israeli banks to allocate credit card pieces and make new ones to watch. Israel’s credit cards, credit cards, just as Nigeria’s distrust of all people, to show to the world “he said. And now the millions of social security numbers of Israelis are enrolled in Pastebay’i hack’leyeceklerini and share their data, he said.