Israel Arabs hacker shock!

Group-XP claimed alliance with the Saudi’s and the Anonymous hacker group, Israel’s leading sports sites ‘i hack’leyerek captured data. Personal information of 400,000 people, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers and credit card information söylüyorlor seized …

But the Israeli Bank Hapoalim bank, said in a statement, the attack is much lower this number of people affected by the current card numbers around 14,000, he said. Been done in some card information stolen from the internet shopping has been detected, but the bank says that this amount is very small, other users can not take responsibility of all the cards have been canceled, and the purchases announced.

Group, “What is fun for us? 400,000 people in front of banks to collect and monitor them to complain about playing this card. 400,000 Israeli banks to allocate credit card pieces and make new ones to watch. Israel’s credit cards, credit cards, just as Nigeria’s distrust of all people, to show to the world “he said. And now the millions of social security numbers of Israelis are enrolled in Pastebay’i hack’leyeceklerini and share their data, he said.

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