Force Five to Compete Keyword

SEO is the first step to begin to operate correctly determine the keywords. Enhance the position of a keyword search, and that requires both long and short-term resources to continue it can not predict very well.

5 For this reason there may be a determining keyword competition were the driving force. Possible SEO usually can not control external factors that affect the outcome of the five major force or threats. These are:

New Starts: the threat of new competition for your keyword
Manufacturer: No constant threat of organic search and social order
Buyer: Sort threat affecting the customer
Representative: the threat of alternative marketing tactics
Competition: Competition for a keyword

This is an effective SEO strategy by understanding the forces can develop properly. Marketers often do not answer these questions sorurlar:

To improve SEO rankings for the keywords I wanted to rise on behalf of all how much time will pass?
Property, how much will it cost?
Organic ranking will continue for how long?

In response to the above questions, these questions have already seen, five power keywords Competitive offers a different perspective:

How competitive a keyword for the current environment? How strong and the competition for a keyword density?
How much effort to reduce me to a new opponent (time and money) need to spend?
When Google changed the algorithm, how does it affect the order of a keyword in this situation?
One of the opponents, instead of organic search marketing technique starts using an alternative, what happens?

Five power determined above, may one day can not provide answers to all questions. Instead purpose of these forces, SEO disturbance, ongoing, changing and uncontrollable elements of the show and SEO’s responsibility and to evaluate their work.

Now look at these forces:

Markalaşmamış strategy SEO keywords, from the beginner who wants to rise to the same key words and phrases constantly under threat. Therefore, ongoing keyword research to SEO strategy and competitive logic is very important. Assume that three types of new başlayanı:

A new person in your industry that gives priority to SEO
That do not invest a lot of SEO marketing campaign to begin an opponent’s active organic search and content
SEO by allocating a budget that invests more than an opponent this content, SEO and social media to give more importance to

To take measures against opponents that you specified above;

Make the investment strategies of content that is optimized
Fully describe your products or service unique, unknown, long-Use key words
Traffic and focus on keywords that returns
Not only these keywords on your website, all web Get your being


Here, based on the manufacturer refers to a search engine. Keyword positions, constantly changing algorithms of search engines and always under siege. Producers, SEO strategy, marketing and sales, Google’s going to understand how it affects negatively Panda and Penguin have to look at possible upgrades.

Panda and Penguin updates to the web presence you are affected by a negative way, but something that your competitors did not, you may have started to reduce queues in one night, the previous high. In addition, Google + social networks like Facebook, opponents of anti-SEO work you can apply.


Representing clients in the sector has an impact on buyers rekabetinizdeki keyword. Social signals, social cohesion and reviews the results of such factors affect the search.

Search algorithms are social signals, including Google and Bing have now. Organic rankings positively affect the social networks, web pages, blogs, press releases and produce the social signals are important for SEO. If your competitors with you on this issue uğraşıyorsa, of your customers and you must find ways to improve the social signals and these signals should.

Increasing the importance of local search, your competitors may affect how you think the comments. In addition, customer comments, keywords, pay attention that you are going through.

Intent here, you are on your competitors’ SEO bulmasıdır more effective and efficient ways. In this context, paid search, search re-targeting, email marketing, marketing techniques, consider the alternative.

SEO strategy and the competition for a keyword density of positive and negative effects of constant changes. If the search engines dominated, they will also increase in proportion to the competition. Unique goals and long odaklarsanız SEO keywords, your competitors may be easier to cope.

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