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Last Penguin update, but some of the elements has taken place and some changes in the world of SEO has become more important. Before updating the Penguin, and the help of some blog networks to get higher rankings than the anchor textlerle easy, as most things out after the update, and in some cases have changed the world of SEO.

This article SERP’de SEO works better and better places to get involved in implementing the Google Penguin want to talk about some things you need to do after the patch.


Google Penguin after the patch, whether on-page SEO I noticed much change in practice. However, now you must be careful about your content and your site to your studies, because the suitability of content for compliance with the Google ranking algorithm, changing the anchor text. Penguin to be more compatible with the following elements in a relationship would be enough to pay more attention to:

Title and Description

Title and description, your page must be referred to or contained in your site content. Also, write the content for your visitors not for search engines. As was done previously do not put too many keywords for your title and descriptions.

Copy Content

Copy the content problem, do not change any time. If you want your site are subject to the best practices of SEO, you must be careful in this regard. Relevant content on our site you will find copies of articles.

Optimized Content

As far as possible brought into line with the best elements of SEO content. As we mentioned before, Google is no longer a place içeriklerinizle site. Make sure your content is compatible with the original and your subject. Also, you should not use too many keywords on your content. Your content should be written for your visitors, but still should be optimized in accordance with the rules of SEO.

Site Structure

Not just for SEO, your site’s structure in terms of ease of use should be very good. Site navigation is very good, and visitors should not experience a very complicated site.

Strong Internal Link Structure

Internal link structure is still a very important element both in terms of SEO as well as visitors. If you do this correctly, Google will not see it as over-the-SEO implementation. To create a successful site in the internal link structure can take advantage of articles.


Please update your site whenever possible to ascend SERP’de too. Google says that the site keeps up to date and current content of sites which is higher than the chance to race for the SEO.


Penguin in this area has experienced many changes for Google algorithm. Google now shows more attention to the links pointing to your site.

Anchor Text Variety

Before updating the Penguin, link building, while the occurrence of keywords in anchor texts that you want to take part in ranking were used. Google has started to target such sites, however, with this update. Therefore, the link anchor text for the keywords you are trying to rise needs to further diversify. Use such a thing (I do not know, but speaking it has been tested): 20% of keywords, and the remaining 30% of the direct link “here, this site” like keywords

Diversity links

Try to get more natural looking than the source link. Definitely do not use spam software or paid blog networks. Comments, social bookmarking, social media, forum articles, press releases, guest comments, or try to establish such a link means.

Eligibility Link

Although a very difficult subject as you possibly can and try to get links from sites relevant to your sector. I think it very hard to do it, but now it all SEO experts to perform the intersection of the work of Google.

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