Add your company in Google Contacts

Google’s new service, called Google Local Business Center Google Contacts service girdi.Eskiden service is no longer the identity of the Google Contacts service değiştirdi.Bu website services to local businesses to take a part in whether or not to google sağlıyor.Bu system work in sync with Google Maps.

Yapıyor.Buyüzden millions of people search Google Maps every day, even if your business website to register for the Google Contacts, you can choose from 5 categories of benefits in addition sağlar.İşletmeniz company name, phone, address, photos, information such as opening times girmenizede allows.
LBC overview U.S. company Google Add to Contacts
When Adding Google Contacts, your company;

Note that when entering careful not to enter your address information incorrectly.
According to the criteria, you must enter the correct and complete when you add your phone number.
You must type the correct payment options.

If you do not pay attention to these items entering the complete information of your customers do the job wrong yönlendirebilirsiniz.Ayrıca phone contacts, record the approval of the most important reason for the google phone for voice calls made ​​gelicektir password method.

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